Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Challenge Entry ~ #42 ~ Love Shack Card

Ok, here is my first sad attempt at a craft blog...I've been in the Cricut Circle since the start up and have yet to enter any challenges because I just think my stuff SUCKS compared to everyone else's, but I have decided that you can't win if you don't play and since they pick winners by random generator now, the most I have to lose is some face by people looking at my stuff and then running away!  And...I won't even be able to tell!  So I shall get over the fear and press on...

Here is my entry for challenge #42 ~ World Card Day.  I don't think it is completely horrid for my first card ever.  I do layouts...and I do 'em fast and easy, since I am SO far behind.  I've been spending too much time collecting and it is time for me to start using all this chit I've accumulated shopping, rather than creating!  This card is for a co-worker's mom who is mostly homebound.  She has a small brood of finches to help her pass the time and she calls herself their "Madame" so I thought she would get a kick out of this card.

Anywho ~ This was recipe, really.  Every cut is from 3 Birds on Parade, all the papers are from my stash, and then I used some Stickles and CM ink for dimension.

Please don't laugh too hard!  I'm a the fancy stuff anyways :)


craftaholic said...

Great card and You have a great start to your blog!! Just keep posting and Try to be easy on yourself!! You know we are our own worst critics!
I have found allot of inspiration by visiting other blogs.

L.B. said...

Your card is cute, but I love love your blog design. very fun. Welcome to blog world.

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